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Gastroscopy Days at Ashbrook

Do you suspect your horse may be suffering with gastric ulceration?

If your horse is suffering from poor performance, unexplained weight loss, reoccurring colic or girthiness, they may be suffering from gastric ulcers.

Gastric ulcers are diagnosed using gastroscopy, and we are able to offer a discount on this service when your horse attends one of our gastroscopy days at Ashbrook Equine Hospital!

For just £150 per horse, we provide a night's livery (prior to the procedure), all sedation and the gastroscopy procedure.

Our Gastroscopy days are currently held every 3 months, call the Ashbrook office now to find out when the next one is, and to book in!

Clipping Clinic

Clipping Clinics are now available at Ashbrook. Sedate and any clip for £100, or just £50 if no sedation is needed. Call us to book in now!


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