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Dental Clinics

On the first Thursday of every month we perform routine dental work at Ashbrook

at a reduced price of £56 (inc VAT) per horse for a standard dental, or £79 (inc VAT) for a standard dental and sedation.

Following our investment in brand new, high tech motorised dental equipment we are

delighted to announce the expansion of our popular dental clinics to yards too!

For groups of 5 or more horses we will perform routine dental work on your yard at a reduced price and no visit fee will be charged. Call us on 01565 723030 for more information and to book in.

Please note that payment at the time is mandatory.

Clipping Clinic

Clipping Clinics are now available at Ashbrook. Sedate and any clip for £100, or just £50 if no sedation is needed. Call us to book in now!


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