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At Ashbrook Equine Hospital, we have a purpose built facility that has been designed to meet the requirements of a modern, busy equine hospital.

Our yard has 21 stables. The stables have rubber floors and are bedded with shavings in order to maintain the best air quality for horses' respiratory systems. The main yard stables are fully monitored by CCTV and have facilities for intensive nursing and intravenous fluid therapy. These stables are usually reserved for critically ill horses.

We also have an isolation stable which can be used for infectious cases. This is set well away from the main stables and has a double door system to prevent spread of infection.

We have multiple paddocks that can be used for cases that require controlled turnout time or for visiting brood mares and foals.

Lameness examinations are carried out on one of our two non-slip concrete trot up path and the non-slip lunge area. If necessary, we can also see horses ridden on our 20x40m professionally laid menage.

We have a very well equipped diagnostic suite and full surgical facilities. These are used for routine and emergency investigations and surgical treatments.

We have 2 sets of stocks - these can be used for standing surgery, dental treatments and other procedures. One set is primarily used for reproductive work. The reproductive stocks have a small holding pen beside them. This can be used for companion horses so the mare being examined is as calm as possible during the examination.

Ian Hughes, remedial farrier, works from our purpose built, rubber lined forge every Wednesday. We also have a dummy mare in this area which is used during the reproductive season for semen collection from visiting stallions. The forge also provides a third examination area during extremely busy times.

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