Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination

Why Choose Artificial Insemination for Your Mare?

For the mare owner considering breeding from a mare, the decision of whether to proceed with natural cover versus artificial insemination will depend on several factors. These may include:

  • The availability of the stallion : Many sports horse stallions will only be available by Artificial Insemination due to competition commitments or concerns about the stallion suffering injury during covering.

  • The age and breeding history of the mare: Artificial Insemination is particularly suitable for mares with lower fertility that are difficult to get in foal. These may include older mares or mares with poor vulval conformation which are prone to uterine infection (endometritis).

  • The location of the stallion: A mare may go to a stud close to home and the semen can be brought in from elsewhere in the UK or abroad. This removes the need to subject the mare to long-distance travel and allows her to return home between ultrasound scans, insemination and pregnancy diagnosis, if desired.

Artificial Insemination Prices

Our artificial insemination prices are as follows:

  • Fresh/Chilled Semen: £343.00 (plus VAT) per cycle. (£408 inc VAT)

    Frozen Semen: £448.00 (plus VAT) per cycle. (£537.60 inc VAT)

    This includes:

  • An initial breeding soundness exam.

  • All scans associated with artificial insemination, including up to 3 pregnancy scans at 15, 25 and 44 days.

  • The insemination procedure.

  • Routine drugs including:
    1 ovulating agent (Chorulon or Ovuplant).
    Unlimited oxytocin injections.
    1 dose of intra-uterine antibiotics post-insemination.
    Uterine lavage with 1 litre of saline post-insemination.
    1 injection of prostaglandin to short-cycle the mare, when necessary.

Excluded from the package are:

  • Livery fees.

  • A clitoral swab for Contagious Equine Metritis.

  • Non-routine drugs, such as sedation.

  • Additional litres of saline for uterine lavage.

  • Procedures including squeezing twins, Caslick's procedure, endometrial swab, endometrial biopsy.

  • Treatment of endometritis.

  • Any treatments/medications not specified above.

  • External lab fees.

  • VAT.

Estimated prices are available for any procedures not included in the package or embryo transfer work, are available on request.