• Client Evening Dates 2019

    Thurs June 13th 2019: Donkey Day

    Tues July 2nd 2019: Evening Physio Clinic

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  • Our Services

  • Ashbrook Equine Hospital offers a wide range of yard based and clinic based services.

  • At the yard, we offer routine and emergency care for your horse, pony or donkey.  Routine veterinary work includes vaccinations and dental work.  Initial lameness examinations are often performed on the yard, although more complicated problems can then be referred into the hospital for further investigation.  Emergency call outs often include colic, wounds and choke.  Please use our fact sheets for further information and advice on these common conditions. 

  • In the clinic, we can do further investigations and more advanced treatments.  Internal medicine problems such as weight loss, gastric ulceration, heart and lung problems can be investigated using our high powered, overhead x-ray machine, ultrasound scanner and a variety of endoscopes. 

    Reproduction work and artificial insemination is usually done in the clinic using fresh, chilled or frozen semen 

    Our surgical suite and 2 padded anaesthetic knock down/recovery boxes with CCTV monitoring are often in use for routine and emergency orthopaedic and soft tissue operations.  

    Fridays are always very busy at Ashbrook Equine Hospital as we have Ian Hughes, remedial farrier and Mark Windsor, manipulative therapist working.  This helps provide treatment for the whole horse and veterinary work canoften be combined with farriery or manipulative therapy as required.

  • Our in-house laboratory allows prompt results from blood tests. We are also able to do worm egg counts and provide a comprehensive worming programme tailored for your individual yard situation.