• Client Evening Dates 2019

    Thurs June 13th 2019: Donkey Day

    Tues July 2nd 2019: Evening Physio Clinic

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  • Artificial Insemination Prices

    For the 2019 season our artificial insemination prices are as follows:

    • Fresh/Chilled Semen: £325 (plus VAT) per cycle. (£390 inc VAT)

      Frozen Semen: £425 (plus VAT) per cycle. (£510 inc VAT)

      This includes:
    • An initial breeding soundness exam.
    • All scans associated with artificial insemination, including up to 3 pregnancy scans at 15, 25 and 44 days.
    • The insemination procedure.
    • Routine drugs including:
      1 ovulating agent (Chorulon or Ovuplant).
      Unlimited oxytocin injections.
      1 dose of intra-uterine antibiotics post-insemination.
      Uterine lavage with 1 litre of saline post-insemination.
      1 injection of prostaglandin to short-cycle the mare, when necessary.

    Excluded from the package are:

    • Livery @ £23.69 plus VAT per day (£28.43 per day incl. VAT per mare with foal at foot)
    • Livery at £21 plus VAT per day (£25.20 incl. VAT) per mare
    • A clitoral swab for Contagious Equine Metritis
      £39.83 plus VAT (£47.80 incl. VAT) for mares on our AI package
    • Non-routine drugs, such as sedation.
    • Additional litres of saline for uterine lavage.
    • Procedures including squeezing twins, Caslick, endometrial swab, endometrial biopsy
    • Treatment of endometritis.
    • Any treatments/medications not specified above
    • External lab fees.
    • VAT.

    Estimated prices are available on request for any procedures not included in the package.

    This replaces the artificial insemination prices (fee structure) we have used in previous years, which was comprised of scan fees, drugs, livery, in-foal fee plus VAT.

    Fees for Embryo Transfer are available on request.

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